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Well-linking is a professional busbar manufacture for EV and ESS industry. We produce all kind of busbar for all cell-type battery pack, such as: flexible busbar, solid busbar, aluminum busbar, copper busbar, Cu-Al compound busbar, Al-Ni compound busbar, Positive/Negative strap, etc.

Well-linking is also a linking solution advisor for all customers to provide customized product. We can provide DMF report for design, prototype samples, function test and performance test for sample, design change proposal, etc. value adding service.

Well-linking is providing service for more than 20 customers from 11 countries. They majorly come from: Norway, Canada, France, USA, Italy, Spain, Poland, Mexico, etc.


Employee Num over 60


Production Area over 30,000 Square feet


Production Capacities over 12,000,000 pcs/year


Customer Quantity over 20


Customer Country Num over 10

Development History

















Year 2015

Core Team Formed

Year 2016

Begin to running business

Year 2017

Company founded

ISO 9001 :2015 certified

Year 2018

IATF 16949: 2016 certified

Year 2019

Start oversea business in Feb. and the 1st sample order from oversea customer in Jul

Year 2020

The 1st high volume mass production order from oversea customer in Dec

Year 2021

The 1st 10-year strategic business plan kick off

Year 2022

Introduce consultant to coach management team for overall business

Company Culture


Let all parties live a happy life in the World

Employee enjoy working at Well-linking Customer is satisfied with well-linking’s service Supplier is willing to support Well-linking


To be trusted core partner as busbar manufacturer for all global customers

Well-linking is strong capable to support customer.
Customer will select well-linking as the 1st strategic business partner when they have a battery project
Well-linking produces world-class product for EV and ESS industry


Integrity, Innovation, 

Cooperation, Appreciation, Sharing

Respect to all partners

There is no best, only better

 Cooperation within company and with business partner

Positive thinking for all happened things

Sharing your knowledge/happiness


Team Introduction

Engineering Team

Our engineering personnel have many years of rich industry experience. We are the 1st manufacturer of aluminum flexible busbar for EV industry in China. We can manufacture all kinds of busbar for EV and ESS industry. You can just send us the design idea or hand drawing, and our engineer can help you to analyze your product design and provide professional DFM report to you. We also can produce prototype samples in short time to verify the design. We have own lab to do function test and performance test to verify the product design too. In a word, we have strong engineering capabilities of research & development and product production to support your battery project.

Quality Team

Our quality personnel have many years of rich industry experience. We know all quality standard for all kind busbar and know how to measure them in proper way. We have our own test lab and all necessary test equipment, such as: peel strength tester, fatigue tester, temperature rising tester, microscope 1000X, hi-pot tester, Metallographic analysis equipment, Micro-ohm meter, roughness tester, etc. We can ensure all products are inspected before shipping and will provide proper document in shipment.

Production Team

Our production personnel have many years of rich industry experience. We can produce all kind of busbar for EV industry in China. We have many customized manufacture equipment to produce better product for all customers. We have a very reliable manufacture process which is qualified by many oversea customers. We have a very stable production team and all core team members are over 5 years in company. We have an own training system to train all new employees and develop the technical employees.

Service Team

Our service personnel have many years of rich industry experience. Service Team can provide pre-sale technical consultant service, project quotation, project coordination, shipment arrangement, import/export customs clearance document preparation, customer complain treatment, etc. Quick response to meet customer’s need is our target. For any need, we will response it within 24 hours.

Strength Show

Authorized Invention Patent

Authorized Utility Model Patent

Equipment/Workshop Display

Laser Welding Workshop

Material Cutting workshop

Main Office

Meeting Room

Molecule Diffusion Welding Workshop

Polishing Workshop

QC Workshop



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