Manufacturing Capability

Manufacturing Capability

Well-linking Manufacture Capability

Provide Full range of busbar for all cell-types battery pack

Provide full range of different type busbar

Provide a wide range thickness busbar: 0.4mm-20.0mm

Use advance welding technology for busbar manufacture

Use reliable manufacture process qualified by oversea customers

Apply new technology/process for busbar manufacture

Use advance test equipment to monitor and control busbar quality

Advantages of Customized Products

Providing Professional DFM And Solution Service

Customer just provide the design to Well-linking. Well-linking engineer will analyze the design and provide the DFM report within 7 days. We can ensure that our solution proposal will be high valuable for customer R&D to finalize the design.

Producing Prototype Sample in Short Time

Once customer finalize the design, well-linking can produce prototype samples within 10 days. Well-linking will help to do function test and performance test before shipping. Also Well-linking may produce alternate-design products at same time for customer to verify their design

Applying New Manufacture Process To Meet With Customer’s Need

Customer may want to apply new manufacture process for specific busbar and Well-linking does not have such equipment yet. Well-linking is willing to work with machine supplier for prototype sample and will invest new equipment once project design finalized

Using First-Class Welding Technology To Produce The Product

Well-linking has first-class welding technology on aluminum foiled flexible busbar, copper foiled flexible busbar and copper/copper laser welding,

Successful Case Sharing

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Application Field

Electric Ship/Boat

Electric Car

Electric Bus

Electric UAV

Power Electric ESS

Railway ESS


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